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Digital Workspace Collaboration

Revolutionize the way you collaborate

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FunTech Innovation
Digital Table

Ideao Hub

24″ QHD Interactive Display Touch Monitor


Ideao DC400

Plug and Play Visualizer Solution

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Ideao Pen

MPP 2.0 Stylus Pen for Ideao Hub & Surface 


Reactiv SUITE

Make Your Presentations Come Alive

Collaboration Solutions



Effortlessly share whiteboards into video meetings

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Tap Scheduler

Purpose-built scheduling panel for meeting rooms


Logi Dock

All-in-one docking station with meeting controls and speakerphone

Wireless Video Conferencing & Content Sharing

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ClickShare CX-50

Conferencing and premium collaboration


ClickShare CX-30

Conferencing and interactivity

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ClickShare CX-20

Conferencing made easy

Ideao Hub

Unleash Creativity

Collaboration happens everywhere, from the physical world to the digital world, from personal workspaces to coworking spaces. No matter how and where collaboration takes place, your goal is to instantly connect, freely create, and effectively communicate. Being able to show your content, and illustrate your ideas digitally by drawing and writing is the key to make collaboration more productive.

Ideao DC400

Plug and Play Visualizer

The plug and play USB visualizer is the easiest solution that can boost your remote learning experience. It delivers clear image up to 4K resolution. By switching on the built-in LED light, the object your are demonstrating is always crystal clear! Showing your practice book or seeing the process of solving math questions to the remote teacher and classmates in real-time can be intuitive and easy.

Ideao Stylus Pen

High Precision Touch

-Extraordinary Writing Experience -Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP 2.0) -Optimized for Windows Ink -4096 Pressure Levels -Palm Rejection -Tilt Function -Eco-friendly Rechargeable

Reactiv SUITE

Designed to Make Your Remote Pitches and Presentations Come Alive!

Perfect for remote presentations where you are using a single document as a visual aid. Corporate town hall meetings, investor pitches, company and product introductions, seminars, lectures and speeches… are perfect for Reactiv SUITE. Upgrade personal workspace and meeting room with Ideao Hub bundles. Connect your laptop to the Ideao Hub, show your content and create strong presence within few clicks, markup and highlight to keep audience engaged in your presentation.

Logitech Scribe

Designed for whiteboard sharing in the modern workplace

Logitech Scribe broadcasts content on dry erase boards into video meetings with outstanding clarity. Now, even remote participants can have the best seat at the table.

With a clean wall-mounted design and thoughtful cable management, Scribe installs elegantly and out of the way of meeting collaboration. Together with the whiteboard content camera, Scribe includes a wireless share button, mounting components, power supply, and category cables for deployment at scale.

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Logitech Tap Scheduler

Tap Scheduler makes it easy to see meeting details and reserve a room for ad hoc or future meetings

Logitech Tap Scheduler easily deploys as a purpose-built scheduling panel for leading room scheduling solutions to help workers find and claim the right space.

  • Quickly find an open room through colored LED lights that show availability at a distance.

  • Included mounts and clean cabling help ensure a tidy and professional setup.

  • Tap Scheduler was designed for easy viewing and usability, with a spacious screen and a sleek, unobtrusive profile. Count on Tap Scheduler for reliable performance with durable components that are built to last.

Logitech Dock

Simplifies home and office setup

Working from home shouldn’t be a compromise. Logi Dock is an all-in-one docking station that simplifies home office setup, reduces desktop clutter, and helps remote workers feel more productive. Certified for leading video conferencing platforms and easy to set up, Logi Dock connects everything in one tidy unit that replaces the need for extra peripherals and eliminates a tangle of cables and wires.

  • Unclutter your desktop with 5 USB peripherals and up to 2 monitors

  • Take control of your meetings with 1-touchto join, mute controls and video on/off

  • The built-in speakerphone includes six beamforming microphones that capture your voice clearly, while advanced algorithms deliver a natural vocal sound with reduced background noise.

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ClickShare Conference -moderation.jpg

ClickShare CX-50

Premium wireless conferencing for large meeting rooms and boardrooms

In the hybrid workplace you need to ensure that your teams are continually in close collaboration with one another. ClickShare CX-50 is a premium agnostic wireless room system designed to facilitate exactly this. Connecting you in less than seven seconds and allowing users to participate in completely wireless and productive hybrid conferences.

ClickShare CX-30

Seamless wireless conferencing for small to medium-sized meeting and conference rooms

For better hybrid meetings, participants need to feel engaged and inspired. ClickShare CX-30 from Barco offers a seamless one-click wireless conferencing room system to bring teams together – wherever they are. Compatible with any PC, laptop or Mac device running Windows, Android or iOS operating systems; ClickShare CX-30 can turn small to medium-sized meeting rooms into innovative hybrid meeting spaces and conference facilities.

ClickShare Conference -Button connect.jpg
ClickShare Conference -remote 1.jpg

ClickShare CX-20

Easy wireless conferencing for small meeting rooms and huddle spaces

Organizations today requires smooth hybrid collaboration and flexibility, especially when it comes to team meetings in huddle rooms, and this is exactly what Barco ClickShare CX-20 provides. Encouraging creative innovation through seamless wireless conferencing, ClickShare CX-20 makes hybrid collaboration flow with one click.


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