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Innex C830

Turn any corner into a huddle space with amazing 180° angle coverage, and start the video conference within seconds.


The Innex C830 features three 12 megapixel cameras and advanced stitching algorithm to produce seamless 180° field of view. Without any space wasted, you can better utilize your office space. Turn any corner into your huddle space, and start the video conference within seconds.

5 Switchable View Angle to Frame Your Video.

The top button allows you to customize every meeting with 5 preset view angle modes. Provide the best coverage on different meeting spaces and crowd sizes.

Unique E-Pan

After choosing the desired view angle, with a long press of the button, you can easily pan the view without moving your camera or tripod.

AI-Based Facial Tracking.

Keep your audience always focused on the speaker. Use with the Innex Studio, the AI-based facial tracking can track multiple people simultaneously, even when they are walking around the meeting room, the video is still perfectly framed and focused on the speakers.

Extended Connectivity & Compatibility.

With an extra USB type-A port, the Innex C830 allows you to connect to bluetooth speakerphone with an  USB dongle.

Enabled Social Distancing.

Sitting in the same room doesn’t mean you have to huddle together, just to fit in the picture in video calls. The 180° full room coverage plus the facial tracking allows everyone to sit and talk with comfort while being able to be seen and heard, clearly.


Discover how

Innex C830

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