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Innex Cube

A state-of-the-art AI tracking technology - every piece of brilliance is adapted into a delicate, palm-sized camera.


When meeting face to face, we are able to look directly at each other at eye level. As we enter a new era of hybrid work with accelerated usage of video meetings, the current video conference equipment has not yet caught up.

• Meet virtually at an eye-level, front-facing position. 

• Produce the 360° panoramic view with minimal distortion. 

• Create immersive video experience with AI-powered facial tracking . 

• Adjust video layouts based on different types of meeting purposes. 

• Capture your voice clearly from the center of the table. 

• Simply as to plug-and-play for your laptop. • Completely hassle-free control - no software, no app required.

Compact. Minimal. Desirable. Best-in-Class Conference Cam.

Four camera lens, dual omnidirectional microphones, and a state-of-the-art AI tracking technology- every piece of brilliance is adapted into a delicate, palm-sized camera.

Ultimate Panoramic View. Ultra 4K Clarity. 

More cameras equal better clarity. Innex Cube features four 5MP cameras and the most advanced, distortion-free real-time stitching algorithm to capture every participant in the room, and produce a truly immersive 360° field of view in 4K clarity. 

Contrary to the traditional webcams, Cube uniquely sits in the middle of the table and captures faces vividly in proximity. In comparison to fisheye or dual-lens camera devices, Cube brings true-to-life video, minimal distortion, no blur.

Capture Your Voice, Naturally.

In the face-to-face meeting, we don’t listen to people’s conversation from far away. Innex Cube captures your voice from the center of the table, a more natural and ideal position for better audio. With dual omnidirectional microphones built-in, every word can be heard clearly, ensuring a smooth meeting flow for every participant.

Intuitive and Handy Camera Control. 

Just like TV! Designed for anyone to use Cube’s AI functionalities with ease! All the video modes require no software nor app installed in your computer or smartphone. With the intuitive buttons and arrow keys, you can customize your video to fit your meeting space. Just like using your TV remote control, the on-screen display ensures everyone to become an instant expert with Innex Cube.

Immersive, Inclusive, Easy to Use. 

AI Dedicated Focus AI Stage Collaborate in a more immersive way. No matter how the seats are arranged in the room, everyone can be clearly captured in the video. The AI-enabled facial tracking allows participants to freely walk in the room while still be perfectly included in the shot. No software, no app. The most intelligent conference cam.


Discover how

Innex Cube

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