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Award Winning Solutions

360º and 180º Intelligent Focusing & Tracking Video Conference Camera

Why Kandao?

Kandao Technology Co. Ltd focuses on virtual reality technology research and development, providing patented end-to-end solutions for virtual reality video capturing and live streaming.

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Kandao Meeting Series


Meeting Ultra 4K Standard


Meeting Ultra 4K

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Meeting Omni

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Meeting Pro 360

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Meeting S 180

Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard 4K

Stunning 4K Video Meetings in 360-degree

Dual UHD fisheye lenses, cover delivering a 360 panoramic view

Full-Duplex Audio

10 Watt Hi-Fi speaker

5m radius voice pickup

8 omnidirectional mics

Built-in Android System

USB or Standalone mode


Intelligent 4K Speaker Tracking

Upgraded AI Algorithm 4.0 ensures accurate localization and ultra-low latency recognition

Discussion Modes

Adapt to different video conferencing scenarios


Meeting Ultra Standard 4K

Upgrade to 4K Meetings

Experience stunning 4K video meetings with Kandao Meeting Ultra Standard. Capture every detail with clarity and enjoy 360 panoramic view with dual UHD fisheye lenses. Tracks the active speaker, while upgraded AI algorithms ensure accurate localization and low latency recognition. With an eight-microphone array and powerful 10W Hi-Fi speaker, and wide voice pickup range. AI noise reduction keeps your ideas clear and heard.

Kandao Meeting Ultra 4K

New Standard in Video Conferencing

4K Video Conferencing in 360 degree with Dual Touchscreens

Experience Premium Sound

10 Watt Hi-Fi speaker

5m radius voice pickup

8 omnidirectional mics

AI Algorithm 4.0

Precise localization and ultra-low latency recognition

Adjust Views

Multiple conferencing modes for different meeting requirements


Built-in Android System

USB or Standalone mode

Meeting Ultra 4K

See in front and be seen in front

Elevate remote collaboration with Kandao Meeting Ultra. Its dual 15.6" touch screens and 4K resolution provide stunning visuals and direct face-to-face interaction. The upgraded AI Detection Algorithm 4.0 ensures precise tracking and fast recognition, keeping you fully engaged. Experience superior sound quality with an eight-microphone array and powerful 10W Hi-Fi speaker, offering a wide voice pickup range.


Collaboration for Big Space

Kandao Meeting Omni


AI face tracking and recognition

Enable accurate identification and tracking of speakers in a larger space

Intelligent portrait selection

Reasonable framing to capture the appearance of all participants

4X8 group microphone array

Upgraded to 4 groups to achieve a wide range of high-quality audio pickup

AI face deduplication

Utilize AI technology for intelligent face recognition and fusion de-duplication

Adopt multi-channel AV sync tech

Multi-channel microphones pick up with priority to near sound and multi-speaker synchronously plays

Eliminate noise and murmur to ensure clear audio output

Embedded beamforming, echo cancellation, voice noise reduction, and howling suppression technology


Kandao Meeting Omni

Collaboration Made Easy for Large Space

The Kandao Meeting Omni integrates multiple video conferencing devices of Kandao up to 4 units, enabling a wider range of image and audio capture and AI processing. It also provides more intelligent image rendering output and audio recording and playback capabilities, to ensure the best remote video conferencing effect and meet the needs of different meeting scenarios. It is the preferred solution for intelligent conference rooms and digital spaces.

Kandao Meeting Pro 360

Perfect Conferencing Experience

360˚ recording without blind spot

Full HD

Supports both 1080P and 720P output with MJPEG as an encoding format

Remarkable Audio

Coverage with a radius of 5.5 meters


Upgraded Kandao Meeting AI Algorithm
More accurate face tracking

Adjust Views

Multiple conferencing modes for different meeting requirements

Meeting Pro 360

Push Past the Limitation with Four-in-One Design

Kandao Meeting Pro is an AI-based 360° video conferencing device, which equipped with 360-degree lens, Omni-directional audio system, Hi-Fi Speaker, and built-in android system. Kandao Meeting Pro is designed to be four-in-one for being the most powerful one.

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Kandao Meeting S

Picture Perfect

180° field of view
1080P HD output

Outstanding Audio

5m pickup radius

Full-duplex audio system

Choose your view

Offer flexible discussion modes for different meeting scenarios


Artificial Intelligence

Upgraded AI for smarter tracking

Elegant Appearance

Easy to set up


Kandao Meeting S

Ultra-Wide 180° Standalone Video Conference Camera

Equipped with a 195° ultra-wide lens, Kandao Meeting S can cover 180° view. The active speaker can be detected and tracked with built-in Kandao Meeting AI 3.0 algorithm. Provide flexible discussion modes, view-lock and zoom function for high-quality collaboration.

Explainer Videos

Meeting Ultra Standard 4K

Meeting Ultra 4K

Meeting Omni

Meeting Pro 360

Meeting S 180

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