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Streamline Virtual Care with BlueJeans Telehealth

An integrated solution designed specifically for telemedicine.


The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that patients and physicians are willing to embrace remote visits to avoid infection risks—and that telehealth has the added benefits of being convenient and discreet.

But we’ve also seen that there is room for improvement. While 80% of clinicians view the ease of telehealth usage as a driver of better patient outcomes, 58% of healthcare leaders report that current telehealth technology is too difficult for patients to use.

BlueJeans Telehealth helps address this shortcoming by providing your clinicians with an easy-to-use, integrated telehealth solution with healthcare-centric capabilities.

The BlueJeans Telehealth difference

The solution is a smart, simple way for providers to meet with patients over video. By mapping the user experience to clinical team workflows, BlueJeans Telehealth replicates onsite care encounters and patient interactions.

BlueJeans Telehealth is built to improve patient and provider experiences with easy-to-use interfaces, quick-join functionality and features that help promote successful encounters. Patients can consult with providers from their home or from a remote location via a video-enabled device, such as a laptop or a mobile phone with high-speed internet.

Electronic health record (EHR) interoperability helps support scheduling from within current scheduling platforms, and quick check-in and join capabilities make using the solution simple. Integration with interpreter services lets providers and patients communicate reliably regardless of language barriers.

Built on the core BlueJeans video conferencing platform with features such as high-quality video and Dolby Audio,™ BlueJeans Telehealth helps patients and providers get the most out of their virtual visits.

Security built in

You can feel confident that you’re protecting vital patient and employee information with BlueJeans Telehealth.

Security measures include:

HIPAA readiness. The solution meets all applicable electronic protected health information (ePHI) requirements outlined under the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.

Third-party review. BlueJeans has been rigorously reviewed against each HIPAA Standard and Implementation Specification by an independent third-party assessor.

Encryption. BlueJeans uses AES 256-bit encryption on both data in transit and data at rest.

Attestation. Verizon will execute a business associate agreement (BAA) with customers to satisfy the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule.

BlueJeans Telehealth features

Here are some of the features that make BlueJeans Telehealth a great experience for patients and providers:

Quick join mode. Makes visits easy for providers and patients, with no downloads required to join on desktop or mobile devices through WebRTC.

EHR integration. Seamlessly integrates into EHR workflows with dedicated support for integration and deployment.

Custom-branded previsit landing experience.

Guides the patient through an experience similar to an in-person visit by providing options for symptom capture and customized content.

Interpreter integration. Provides medical interpreter services from AMN Language Services (formerly Stratus) and Voyce, covering 200+ languages, including American Sign Language.

In-field EMS triage. Offer en route triage and case collaboration with a remote ER physician or clinician.

Clinical consultations. Provide lactation support, dietary consultations, diabetes training, presurgical or prestudy walkthrough, remote patient monitoring (RPM) check-ins, mental health counseling, etc.

Use cases for BlueJeans Telehealth

We see many opportunities to use telehealth to improve healthcare access and efficiency. Here are a few possibilities:

Scheduled televisits. Augment or replace low- to medium-acuity in-person patient visits and follow-ups with effective video-based visits.

Ad hoc visits. Offer office hours or after-hours options where patients (or other providers) can join ad hoc; this provides convenience for patients and helps providers avoid losing visibility if a patient goes to an urgent care facility.

In-room family video. Connect patients’ family members with rounding physicians and staff through video collaboration delivered in patients’ rooms via infotainment monitors or bedside devices.

Virtual collaboration. Enable video-based clinical team roundtables for tumor boards, treatment planning and patient case review.

Clinical education. Provide video access to conferences, continuing education and other digital events to support clinical panels, keynotes and sessions.

Patient support groups. Coordinate virtual video patient support groups (new mothers, bereavement, disease management, etc.).

Remote clinical training. Provide remote clinical team training and surgical theater observation, continuing education, presurgical planning and intern/ resident education.

A future-facing solution

BlueJeans Telehealth is an evolving connected-health platform, with an extensive roadmap of integrated features under development. This will include the integration of wearables data, interoperability with additional EHR platforms and an expanded repository of interpreter services, analytics and messaging applications.

Integrating BlueJeans Telehealth into your virtual-care strategy will mean having a platform that will evolve dynamically to support your practice.

BlueJeans Telehealth Solution Brief
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