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Enabling an Elastic, Secure Remote Access

Work From Home : The New Normal


In a normal situation, enabling Remote Access for an organisation has always been for some users over some of the time. VPN works well for short-duration connections by remote workers. It requires significant upgrade for scaling up to cater to remote workers for the entire business.


The New Normal now is WFH for everyone and that everyone needs access ALL the time.

The Challenge

Traditional Firewall VPN are not built to scale quickly and expensive.

The dramatic increase in the number of VPN users within an organisation as well as the constant need to be online for these pool of remote users will put a huge strain on an organisation’s existing IT resources.

The Solution

CATO Networks is the first SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) platform in the world.

Cato connects all branches, users, applications, and clouds into a global cloud-native network. All traffic is optimized end-to-end between users and applications everywhere in the world.

Cato protects all traffic inside its cloud service against threats and attacks with a full security stack. Enterprise-grade protection is applied to all traffic across datacenters and branches, and down to a single user on a mobile device.

It’s time to move from a legacy point solution to a Cloud Scale, Global, Secure and Optimized Remote Access.

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Optimized Mobile Access with a Secure Ac
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