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AI 360° 4K Conference Cam for huddle spaces and mid-size meeting rooms

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AI 360° 4K Conference Cam


4 Cam Lens


4K 360°


AI Built-in


Multi-People Tracking


Control Buttons

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Remote Control


Omnidirectional Mics

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Plug & Play

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Compact. Elegant.

A compact and elegant camera that embodies the essence of minimalism, desirability, and top-notch quality. Its eye-catching design features smooth surfaces and a high-end metallic look, enhanced by an anodized finish.


This palm-sized camera is equipped with four camera lenses, dual omnidirectional microphones, and cutting-edge AI tracking technology, ensuring exceptional performance for capturing your moments with brilliance.

Perfect Eye-level Shot

Designed to offer flexibility for your space. Achieve the perfect eye-level height for capturing faces flawlessly during your meetings and events.


The stand comes with three detachable poles that can be easily assembled to adjust the camera to different heights.


- Use the 30cm/12" Two Poles configuration for typical meeting room tables, or

- Opt for the 42cm/16.5" Three Poles setup for shorter tables =


4 Camera Lens. 4K Clarity.

The Innex Cube effortlessly captures every participant in the room, creating a truly immersive 360° field of view. Whether it's a meeting, event, or any gathering, you can expect stunning visuals and crystal-clear details in 4K resolution.


Unleash the power of 4K clarity, where more cameras translate to better clarity. This innovative camera boasts four 5MP cameras, combined with an advanced distortion-free real-time stitching algorithm.

Omnidirectional Mics

Enhance your audio experience with the Innex Cube's Omnidirectional Mics. Capture your voice naturally from the center of the table, providing better audio quality. The built-in dual omnidirectional microphones ensure that every word is heard clearly, resulting in a smooth meeting flow for all participants.

Handy Remote Control

Comes with a handy remote control, designed to make using its AI functionalities effortless for everyone! You don't need any software or app installed on your computer or smartphone to access all the video modes. With intuitive buttons and arrow keys, you can easily customize your video to perfectly fit your meeting space.


Operating the Innex Cube is as simple as using your TV remote control. 

AI-powered Video Modes

Customize the field of view with 5 preset viewing angles. From 360° to 270°/180°/120°/90°, with e-pan and tilt.

Ignore Zone

Innex Cube's customizable Ignore Zone feature, which helps you avoid any unwanted interference that might appear in close-up shots. Whether it's people passing by the door, reflections on glass, or a specific area in the room you prefer not to focus on, you can easily set up the Ignore Zone using the remote control.

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Certified by Barco ClickShare

The Innex Cube is proudly certified by Barco ClickShare, ensuring its exceptional video quality and AI video modes can be accessed seamlessly and "cable-free" through ClickShare's superb wireless connectivity. This certification enhances the user experience, allowing for effortless integration and a smooth wireless presentation experience.

Elevate your video meetings with Innex Cube's customizable view angles and AI tracking. Perfect for huddle spaces, mid-size meeting rooms, and management offices. The ideal solution for your video conferencing needs.
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Interested in Innex Cube for your business?

As Funtech Innovation distributor, we offer affordable package options, free demo, and trials. Contact us to discuss Innex Cube today!

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